Sähköpaimen – archaic electronic music, shepherds’ music, beats and loops

Kuva: Matti Jakkula / Eero Grundström

Eppel&Peppel – storytelling and music performances for children and all-aged audiences
// photo by Jimmy Träskelin

Kuva: Jimmy Träskelin

Wind on Wind – four women playing woodwinds

Kuva: Heidi Jakkula
Wind on Wind 2016 / Kuva: Heidi Jakkula

FluteMachine – danish-finnish duo combining contemporary music, traditional music and improvisation // photo by Matti Jakkula


Armas – freshly arranged traditional music collected from Ingria 1914
// photo by Heidi Jakkula

Armas_Kuva Heidi Jakkula

Siba Folk Big Band – more is more