Projects and news

* Rävsson Company’s new project will bring storytelling and folk music to schools 2019-2021, thanks to Svenska kulturfonden

* Children’s folk music courses in Vaasa and Kauhajoki: a collaboration between Sibelius Academy, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto and local music schools. Read more here and here

* Armas band is working with a new concert project ‘Lähteillä ja juurilla’. First concerts will be heard summer 2018

* New concert ‘Lähtijät’, produced by Rävsson Company, will be ready in the spring 2018

* Kirsi’s solo concert ‘Huilupuutarha’ (‘Flute Garden’) was performed three times in the spring 2017

* Wind on Wind and Zephyr have started a collaboration project. Read more about Tuultenpesä – Vindarnas möte here. (in Finnish and Swedish)

* New mobile game Nibblers from Rovio Entertainment. Check Nibblers Soundtrack on Spotify and hear Kirsi playing recorders there! Game music composed by Salla Hakkola.

* Kuule Ensemble having several concerts in Hamburg in April 2015. Kirsi playing recorders and wooden horn. Lue lisää / read more here (in Finnish).

* Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band’s debut album FBB won The Etno-Emma (the ethno album of the year)!

* Sähköpaimen’s new website:

* Karjasoitto 100 years concert project – read more here (in Finnish)

* FluteMachine working in artists’ residence Skalar in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland in July 2014

* Home concerts in Denmark, Finland and Iceland in 2013-2014 – check our project blog

* WoW – what a sound! An article about Wind on Wind in Finnish Music Quarterly (in English)

* Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band has released their debut album! Read more in Helsingin Sanomat Uusi askel Suomen kansanmusiikissa (in Finnish) and in HBL Hatten av för Folk Big Band (in Swedish)

* Here you can listen to Kirsi playing on the trailer of a mobile game by Rovio Entertainment Tiny Thief

* Eppel&Peppel have a new webpage! –